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Our FARM at Fuerteventura

The volcanic soil, the warm and stable climate, and the proximity to the sea make this place a paradise for the cultivation of high quality Aloe Vera.
Tropical Leaves


Aloe Vera has been growing in the Canary Islands for years and share an extensive history. For the perfect growth, Aloe Vera needs plenty of Sunshine, warm, dry, and windy subtropical climate. Excess water and temperature lower than 10 ºC are not suitable for the growth of this plant.

Mild and stable climate that lasts most of the year, long hours of sunshine, the humidity of the air thanks to the proximity to the sea, minimum rainfall, constant trade winds, the volcanic soil which not only nourishes the plants with its rich minerals, but also ensures that any excess water drains quickly because it is so porous, make Canary Islands as one of the best places for growing Aloe Vera.

These most favorable conditions at the Islands helps the plant to develop fully with all its potential. Scientific studies also reveal that aloe grown in the Canary Islands have higher concentration of Active components (almost three times) as compared to other regions in the world. For instance, Canary Aloe has a lot of Acemannan, a type of sugar with multiple beneficial effects, as compared to the Aloe grown at other places.

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